It happens a LOT. You go to a yarn shop or knitting conference, and you encounter those magical walls of luscious hand-dyed knitting yarns. Next thing you know, you’ve got a bag full of multicolored skeins.

But they pose some serious color challenges. In this post, I talk about what they are and how you can conquer them.


Carol was a student in our 2020 Stash Weaving Success class. She’s been weaving since 2007, when she inherited my mother’s loom, and makes it her personal goal to gain new knowledge with each project.

She wove the beautiful scarf below in our Stash Weaving Success class. Here is her story.


Stash weaving is a little different from the “usual” weaving projects because with stash weaving, you’re often weaving with odd bits of leftover yarn rather than full cones that you’ve purchased especially for that project. As a result, you’ve often got small amounts of many different yarns – colors, thicknesses, fibers – in the same piece. This means some drafts work better than others.


One of the most wonderful things about teaching the Discover Color Weave-Along has been getting to see the amazing things my students are weaving. They’re gorgeous!! I’ve loved the creativity and beauty that have been coming off the looms. I thought I’d share one of the rugs today, and talk about some of the techniques from Discover Color that the maker, Eileen Baker, used to design it.


Millions of years of evolution has hardwired us to look at certain things. As designers, we can use this to our advantage and guide our viewer’s eye to what we want them to see.

This blog post will show you how to use two different properties of color to focus attention where you want it – and not where you don’t.