Warp & Weave

The Color Editor: Overview

It’s time to meet the Color Editor! This is a tool developed by Kris Bruland, creator of Handweaving.net, and which he has kindly made available to our students for use with the drafts for this class. 

On Handweaving.net, you can use the Color Editor with any draft you choose, with a low-cost subscription. You can subscribe here.

The Color Editor allows you to see how your yarn colors will interlace in the draft you plan to use.  It is NOT a substitute for weaving samples, but it’s a quick and easy way to test color combinations before you start winding a warp.

This class shows how to:

Each of these options will be described in this class.

Please note:
You may see an “Upload WIF” button in the screenshots. You can ONLY upload the WIF files downloaded from this class. If you want to upload and edit your own designs, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to Handweaving.net and follow this link to use the Color Editor there.

Color Editor

Note that the Color Editor is browser-based software: It works in your browser. There is nothing to download. It’s right below this sentence, in the box below the three red arrows – just start clicking. (That’s a live program, not a screenshot.)